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IT Consulting Services in New Zealand & India

Technical Advisory Services:

InfoPie has vast experience in technical consulting and with our broad range of services, you gain access to our real-world knowledge and technical expertise. We assist and advise you to navigate smoothly in your transformational journey to address business challenges you are facing with new/existing technology. Our consulting services span end-to-end business lifecycle and help you at every step to provide technical strategic clarity, process optimization, organizational readiness, and governance support.

Architectural Consulting Services

InfoPie Team has a vast pool of very senior architects having more than two decades of experience working on different complex projects. We provide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and create elegant, flexible, and durable designs with great consideration of the challenges specific to your area of expertise. A full understanding of the entire process of software development allows us to create solutions that work well in practice as they do in theory. Our in-depth domain knowledge, technical expertise, and industry experience help our clients to produce high quality and very cost-effective Software products and services.

  • Software Architecture Services: We deliver full-cycle software architecture that includes product design and evolution in addition to analysis and evaluation.
  • IT Architecture Consulting: The scientific-driven approach makes it possible for the Infopie team to ensure a clear technical vision of the existing IT architecture and infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Architecture: We deliver a bunch of powerful instruments designed especially for evolving companies to ensure effective management and technology integration.
  • We provide software architecture consulting to eliminate bottlenecks and enable system scalability. We choose tools and platforms that are the most suitable for your purposes. As a result, your IT spending drops and your revenue rises.
  • Performance Improvements: We analyze how efficiently the software uses system resources and how much time it spends on each function, then you receive pragmatic recommendations for how to improve your product performance.
Project and Programme management services

We give consultancy for managing all types of projects & Programs. Our expert project management team having experience of more than two decades managing complex projects make sure that your project is executed perfectly and delivered with world-class quality in time & within budget by using proven project management methodologies. We manage all the risks, issues in the project, manage all stakeholders and vendors involved in the project. Here’s how we help:

  • Our project planning is done meticulously considering each and every activity and all the dependencies.
  • We take appropriate action to mitigate all risks & Issues in your project, maximizing the chances of project delivery on time, within budget, and in accordance with your business objectives.
  • We monitor the ongoing projects very closely and provide consistency in project delivery.
  • We make a single point of contact with full accountability for the project, including communication and escalation.
  • We make sure that all required stakeholders are included and informed while taking any key organizational decision.
  • We review various quality gates with multiple checklists at each completion phase of the project. Go-Live is planned in a very systematic way with all appropriate backup to make sure there is no disruption of ongoing operations.
  • Our handover plan to operation is well structured and comprehensive that ensures the completed project is handed over with proper training and documentation to the operational team prior to project closure.