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Managed IT Services

Managed Application Services
  • Application monitoring & performance management : Infopie takes the responsibility for app performance & operation management. We execute a range of monitoring activities to keep all critical metrics, such as response time, transaction completion, message queue & resolve potential dangers before they cause any serious process disruption to the application.
  • Application troubleshooting : Infopie maintains appropriate app work by addressing problems of any app which are not functioning as expected, unavailability of any component, slow request handling, abundant memory consumption, data inaccuracy & inconsistency etc.
  • Application enhancement : Infopie team ensures that all required minor & major changes are done & rolling-out of new versions of code is done in timely & orderly way. We make sure that version controls are done properly using the standard tool so that in case of any issue with new version, it can be rolled back & operation is not hampered.
  • Help Desk capabilities : Our managed app services are additionally reinforced with helpdesk support. Helpdesk service is available & it’s working hrs is planned as per the customer’s demand. That becomes a single point of entry for all issues faced by end users. Infopie provides comprehensive periodic reports based on the tickets received & resolved which helps organizations to be in full control of their operation.
Situations Where Our Managed IT Support Can Help

You may need our managed IT support services in the following situations:

  • You want to reorganize your IT environment and introducing new services to support your business growth possibly with a DevOps approach.
  • You intend to improve the IT environment to ensure the IT infrastructure stability and create the conditions for the further development of a diverse IT environment.
  • Your IT infrastructure is managed by different vendors and you are not very happy with the way it is being managed. You’re looking for a vendor who will provide better services and IT management tasks at an affordable cost.