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Frameworks & Accelerators

Automation Testing Framework

Infopie Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF) is a powerful framework to completely automate mobile deployment and testing. MATAF is a Hybrid (keyword and data-driven) framework for Mobile Application test automation on Android and iOS platforms based on Python.

Chatbot framework

Infopie Chatbot framework allows a developer to quickly create conversations to customer. Implemented as a wrapper that can connect to multiple chatbot engines, it allows a product developer to write code in a way that the backend engine can be replaced without affecting the core product.

E-commerce accelerator

Infopie e-commerce accelerator has add cart , automate billing and tax calculation add-on, that can be used in any web or mobile e-commerce solutions. This help developer to create quick development of e-commerce solution . This accelerator is developed with open source to plug-in any solutions.

Block chain for Land

Investors/Land owners seek a more transparent way to validate the ownership of a particular parcel of land. Blockchain provides immutable proof of ownership that help Governments look to reduce the cost associated with monitoring, updating, and validating the property ownership records.

Mobile loyalty Accelerator

For repeat businesses to happen customer loyalty is crucial. Infopie Mobile Loyalty framework is a React Native based mobile framework that can be used as an accelerator for developing loyalty apps for retail and banking verticals. That help business to repeat the sales with old customer.

Mobile Wallet

Infopie mobile wallet accelerator allows a developer to quickly create wallet functionality in mobile apps. Developers use implement ready to use functionality like money transfer between wallet and block chain crypto currency and buy & sale via wallet to on line or offline.

Big Data Analytics Accelerator

Big Data Pipeline for analytics is a high speed distributed architecture that is ideal to use as a core enabler for any system that requires high speed processing and real-time analytics of millions of transactions without data loss. Data processing framework is highly suitable for such large-scale enterprise data management needs.

Mobile Org. Management

Infopie org. managements is standard company structure management module that can be used in HRMS and payroll system development. Infopie payroll and HRMS used this component to accelerate the development of new HRMS organization & payroll setup for various industry.