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Resource Outsourcing

Dedicated Development Team

If you are looking for a team for your continuous development work you should use the dedicated resources. You will have flexibility to get your work done as you wish similar to your house project. This gives you opportunity to focus on the project work & least bother for the resource hiring or attrition of any resource.

Our Services:
  • You can reserve any number of resources as per need.
  • We provide resources for all leading technologies
  • Duration of any resources can be as min as 1 month for full time resource & 40 hours for hourly resource.
  • Pricing for each resource is very reasonable starting from $8/per hour OR $1000 per month, depending on the years of experience resource required
  • You have to pay on monthly basis for full time resource.
  • For part time also you pay after a completion of month.
  • You get one of the best talented resource of the IT industry.
  • Resource work place is not your botheration & they work from Infopie premise.
  • In case if you need resource to work from your premise that also available with little extra cost.
  • If due to any reason you are not happy with any resource, we replace with another better one with either same price or with little difference.
Here are some key points worth to mention about this model:
  • Dedicated teams are the best option for long-term support, maintenance and regular enhancement work on software products. Gradually with the passing time team become stakeholders of the product and functions as an internal staff. Slowly as our understanding grows this type of outsourcing contracts can last for much longer period.
  • When the scope of work is not fixed and it keeps changing, client has the choice to either increase or decrease the team size within short period which is a tedious task if you deal with in-house team.
Outsourcing Pricing Model

There are three options in this model: cost per resource, management fee, & the hourly rate.

  • Cost per resource: It is a fixed-priced resource who will be dedicated for your work. You will be paying for that resource on monthly basis. You will directly manage the resource & get your work done. Resource will be available for 9 hours a day for 5 working days from Monday to Friday.
  • Management fee: The client gets involved in interviewing & selecting the resource & decides the actual salary of the resource. In this case client will pay to Infopie actual salary of the resource & also pays a so-called “management fee” on top of that. This option gives choice to client to select resource as per their need & pay as per budget. A client can potentially cut down some cost by accepting the candidates with the best balance between cost & expertise.
  • Hourly rate: In this option if client needs resource for smaller piece of work for few hours then resource can be hired on hourly basis. In the case with the hourly rates, client does not pay for the time when his virtual employee sick or on his vacation. In case client not happy with the resource we replace this with new resource as soon as possible & client doesn’t lose the work & it keeps going.